Feb 2015 saw Jane start her fitness journey.  With 45kgs to pull off, Jane used a low carb diet to achieve what she hadn't ever been able to get done.

Her first half marathons were completed that year.
2016 saw the completion of 7 marathons, a few half marathons, and her first half ironman.

2017:  the goal this year is 2 half ironman events (Bendigo Ultimate, and Challenge Shepparton), if not more, and

10, yes 10 marathons.  The first of these will be the O'Keefe in late April where Jane is planning to smash her time from last year.

Coach:  Kate Heywood
Club:  Echuca-Moama Triathlon Club
100% completely self funded and not seeking endorsements thanks.
Run Jane Run
After 25 years on the bench, Jane decided it was time to look after her health, and from Feb 2015 has embarked on a new life journey towards fitness and health.


"I grew up in a family of 5 kids.  Dad was a keen sportsman, having played rugby union growing up, and instilling in us kids a love of sports.  Dad has us swimming (he coached all the local kids for free) and running.  As a teenager I played squash, soccer, and ballroom dancing.  I found it impossible to do everything I wanted to.  I wasn't particularly talented at them, but did work at it.  During university I started doing triathlons and on graduating actually managed to score a spot on the Tasmanian women's soccer team.  Again I wasn't particularly talented - I just worked hard."

"I then got married and focused on career etc, and lost my path when it came to personal fitness.  I got involved a lot in the dog world, and that became a central part of my life moving forward and will continue to do so."

"Finally when my son was old enough to leave home to go to university himself, it was time to focus on me and my future.  There's no doubt that I had let my fitness and health slide.  It was time to reclaim that."

The training journey

"In February 2016 shortly after my new partner asked me to marry him, I knew that I had to get my at together.   I started running because it was a cheap sport to get into, and I could fit it around my work.  There's no doubt I had a long way to go on this journey.  I had no idea how long it would take me, but it did dawn on me that there was no end point.  Within a few weeks with encouragement from a good friend, I upgraded my shoes to a very good pair of runners, and bought something better to run in than my normal casual clothes.  The shoes were the critical part.  You can't run in rubbish shoes if you have feet like me.  I downloaded a running app on my phone and started to keep track of what I was doing.  I pretty much ran every day, and when I started running I refused to walk.  I knew if I walked then I would stop.  I gradually increased my distance and fixed my diet.  (check out the page on what I eat)

By May I had entered my first fun run - the Mother's Day event.  Of course I entered the 8km rather than the 4km.  I came in almost last at around 63 minutes.  But was happy to do it.  This was my first introduction to the "people at the back of the field" who I have to tell you, are great people.  There is always lots of encouragement and support, and everyone has their own story.   My partner stood in the pouring rain and waited patiently, and was quick to whisk me into a warm car at the end.  As someone who used to be a champion 400m runner, I knew it was hard for him to watch me struggle.

I gradually increased my distance, and finally by July figured out I needed some better guidance and got myself a trainer:    It wasn't terribly expensive, and as it turned out, it was cheaper to have a trainer who set a sensible program than to pay for the physio trips I was going to, in order to fix injuries I had.    Kate actually got me running less, not more, and included other activities such as hilly walks, long walks, bike riding, and swimming.  Of course, once I was doing these I figured I should get back into triathlons, which is what happened eventually.  On August 30, 2015 I completed my first half marathon in just over 2h53.  Wow, that was tough work.  My 2nd came mid Oct, and then another early Dec, with my 4th in late Feb 2016 getting me under my goal of 2hr30.   

I even joined a triathlon club (Echuca-Moama) who turned out to be a terrific group of people. 

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